JTIsoft® Modeling Software

JTISoft Ver 2.0 (64/32-Bit) - Released September 28, 2010

  • Our new 64-bit JTI Soft Version 2.0 was designed for Windows 7, Vista and backwards compatible.
  • JTISoft v2.0 is a free downloadable software package that contains two embedded programs: MLCSoft 2.0 for Capacitor Modeling and MLISoft 2.0 for Inductor Modeling.
  • This new software package has the benefit of running on newer operating systems out in the market and on 64-bit machine systems.
  • Some of the updates included on JTISoft 2.0 are characterization of new, superior-performing ceramic materials and an array of different termination (contacts) styles to suit our customers’ needs.
  • These new materials make our capacitor line performance meet and exceed the current market’s passive component needs. Furthermore, our never-ending materials research make our High-Q and Ultra High-Q SMT devices price competitive giving the best RF price and performance for the value.

JTISoft® Version 1.3 (32-Bit ONLY) - Released October, 2003

  • JTIsoft® is comprised of two advanced design simulation software, MLCsoft® and MLIsoft®. It provides complete S-Parameter and SPICE modeling data on Johanson's line of RF multilayer ceramic capacitors and inductors over the frequency range of 1 MHz to 20 GHz.
  • In MLCsoft®, the intuitive interface allows the user to select one of six MLCC sizes plus other part variables and displays the complete part number for accuracy when ordering. Ten electrical parameters including SRF, PRF1, PRF2, ESR, Q, and Ceff are displayed and update dynamically as chip size, capacitance value, and frequency are changed.
  • In MLIsoft®, the user can select one of three MLCI sizes plus other part variables and display the complete part number for accuracy when ordering. Electrical parameters such as Rdc, Idc, SRF, Leff and Q are displayed and updated dynamically as chip size, inductance value and frequency are varied.
  • Both MLCsoft® and MLIsoft® provide highly detailed graphical plots of device performance data in two basic formats over a user specified frequency range. The chart displays are instantly updated as the user makes capacitance or frequency changes. Smith chart displays of both impedance and S11/S22 are available as point plots, line plots, and line-point plots. Traditional X-Y graphs are available for parameters of S21 and S11 in the form of phase and magnitude, Impedance magnitude, Q, ESR , effective capacitance, and inductance. Display formats include Standard, Log Y, and Log/Log. There is also an option to display two parameters simultaneously.
  • Chart appearances may be customized in many ways. They may be exported in BMP or Metafile format to the clipboard, printer, or as a file. Export attributes may be controlled by the user. Numerical S-Parameter data may be displayed over a user specified frequency range. Once the desired data is obtained, the information may be exported as an .S2P format file.
System requirements:
a PC with at least a Pentium processor running either Windows XP, 2000, NT 4, 98, or 95 and about 45MB of available hard disk space.