Johanson Releases Multi-band Internet of Things Embedded Antenna

Johanson Releases Multi band IoT Embedded Antenna
Multiple frequency, protocol, and functionality solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity continues to push the size and performance limit. To address this, we've developed a multi-band flexible solution using one antenna (part number 0830AT54A2200). This solution covers Cellular (Long Term Evolution/LTE), Sub-Gigahertz (868/915 Megahertz), Global Positioning System (GPS) and/or Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS/GNSS), 2.4 Gigahertz (Bluetooth and/or WiFi) using one Surface Mount Chip antenna and two six channel Radio Frequency switches. The entire solution requires a printed circuit board area of about 360 millimeters, making it very compact with industry-accepted radiated gain and efficiency in a 51x51 millimeter board.

To find out the technical details and how this solution works click here: for our Application Note AN090